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Ipsum Skin

Founded by Janet Hayward



Ipsum is a range of luxurious, certified organic skin care products for face and body. Each complex, holistic formulation is made only from sustainably-sourced, native plant oils, esters and extracts, and supercharged with potent Australian native botanicals to ensure efficacy for your best, most healthy, radiant skin.


The inspiration for Ipsum came from my years working in media as a beauty editor and author, and hearing first hand from formulators and organic chemists about the power of plants. I have always loved plant oils for their ability to deeply nourish and reinvigorate skin because they are so readily absorbed. Learning about the extraordinary concentration of vital nutrients and compounds found in Australian native plant oils really inspired me.


Ipsum products are COSMOS organic certified which means that the provenance, harvest, transportation and processing of every ingredient used in the formulations, and every stage of production of the final Ipsum product, adheres to strict regulations to ensure there is no negative impact on the environment or humans. Our formulations are waterless and completely vegan, using only sustainably-sourced plant ingredients and we would never test at any stage on animals - only on humans! Ipsum products are packaged in recyclable miron violet glass and opal white glass to protect the efficacy of the formulations and recyclable, combined HDPE and LDPE tubes.


Ipsum products are quite specific in that the appeal lies in the synergy of ingredients. Our best-selling Enriching Face Oil, for example, combines the potent antioxidant and brightening benefits of vitamin C from kakadu plum with 22 nutrient-dense plant oils to really boost cells and stimulate collagen and elastin production.


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