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Mammae The Embodied Mother

Founded by Erin Deger



Mammae is an Australian mother centred-care brand, cultivating slow, conscious and considered breastfeeding rituals through an elevated edit of wellness products, purposefully curated to nurture the emerging and established modern mother. Developed by, clean beauty expert and mother Founder, Erin Deger describes her collection as “an embodiment of everything I believe in; it is pure, therapeutic & supportive.

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The philosophy behind Mammae’s ritual-inspired breastfeeding collection exists through the fractures of our Founders personal journey into breastfeeding and early motherhood, sharing in its many early adversities. Learning and understanding the remarkable intelligence of how the maternal breastfeeding body functions and how the emotional psyche cultivates such a significant role in this new process, can truly make all the difference when it comes to those early days, weeks and months postpartum.

Supporting, honouring and empowering more women to breastfeed within a healthy environment is a collective responsibility. It is Erin’s greatest ambition through Mammae to ensure that all mothers have the support, sensory and self-soothing resources to draw upon, awakening joy, abundance, ease, and closeness shared between baby and bosom.


Artisanal sensibilities underpin Mammae’s uncompromised quality of design with meticulous attention to detail, refined aesthetics and sensory pleasure in mind. Each product formulation employs the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients, thoughtfully selected for the particular safety, properties and advantages they offer to both mother and baby. Integrating the gentle power of mother nature with a mind-body approach, Mammae’s luxurious and innovative formulations ensure pure, potent, safe, and non-irritating ingredients are infused throughout the collection.

Whenever possible, our botanical ingredients are sourced from small-batch, organic, local, wildcrafted, biodynamic and family-owned farms. Each plant species carries its own specific herbal intelligence & innate healing wisdom, purposefully chosen for its unique therapeutic properties in supporting mama throughout her tender breastfeeding season and thereafter.


Bridging the gap between modern evidence-based literature & traditional herbal intelligence, our revolutionary formulations are infused with the finest quality lactogenic, nutritive, carminative and nervine herbs; all of which form the heart and soul of each ritual formulation.

Mammae’s ritual collection is lovingly curated to be enjoyed at a gentle pace, noting the subtle sensory benefits throughout the whole experience. Augmenting inner and outer health, Mammae intentionally increases the bioactive ingredients throughout the collection to ensure optimum therapeutic benefit and sensory attunement, delivering real targeted results.


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