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Welcome To The Green Edit

Are you a clean beauty or wellness brand
looking for valuable connections to media, retailers and mindful consumers?

We are a platform and event series dedicated to celebrating and promoting the best clean sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle brands and connecting them with top tier media, influencers, spas, clinics, international and Australian retailers and engaged conscious consumers to provide promotional and distribution opportunities. 


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Brand Design + Strategy

Linda Jukic  Accompany, Founder

Linda Jukic, founder of Accompany - Brand and Design studio is a brand, digital and packaging design expert who will share current trends and the importance of creating a strong brand across all touch-points.


Linda has worked at some of Australia’s most acclaimed brand and communications agencies, before founding Accompany in 2017. Linda has, and continues to, contribute to the design industry within Australia, sharing her knowledge at events, in written articles and by chairing design juries.

The Green Edit Event

Next Event - Thursday 16th of March 2023


Recap of 2022 event - The Green Edit Event was held in Sydney at Terrace On The Domain in the Royal Botanic Gardens, we welcomed:


100+ Key Media and Influencer Guests

20+ Buyers

230 Mindful Consumers

38 Clean Beauty and Lifestyle Brands


At our 2022 Event, exhibitors had the opportunity to meet and connect with key media, influencers, retailers and mindful and engaged consumers to build brand and product awareness. 


Guests have the opportunity to meet brand founders, experience and shop natural, sustainable, ethical and cruelty free products from trusted brands - our event guests are now part of The Green Edit loyal community.


Our Event provided the perfect platform to educate and inspire our community to make the switch to green beauty through beautiful experiences, look and learn skincare, makeup and hair demonstrations and captivating panel discussions featuring inspiring brand founders.

The Green Edit Event March 2022

The Green Edit Event March 2020

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Cathy Tolpigin

Laura Burns

Beauty Editor

Makeup Artist NYC


Cathy Tolpigin

The Green Edit

Organic Makeup Artist

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Emily Algar

Beauty Editor

Byrdie, Grazia, The Green Edit


The Detox Market

Buying Team


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Erin Hawken



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Jeannie Jarnot

Beauty Heroes


Clean Beauty Market by Gettogetherphoto

Erin Norden

Clean Beauty Market



Yvette Wyeth

Active Skin


Best Of The Green Edit Awards 2022

The Best Of The Green Edit Award winners were announced at The Green Edit PR event in Sydney, March 10, in front of media, influencers and retailers.


This is a prestigious award with a panel of international and Australian green beauty authorities including beauty retailers such as The Detox Market USA, Beauty Heroes USA, Nourished Netherlands and Australian retailers including Active Skin and Clean Beauty Market.

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Learn more about The Green Edit 2020 & 2022 event...

Promotional packages

Green Beauty Directory Listing + Digital Media Promotion


Reach key media, retailers, influencers and conscious consumers looking out for the best of the best in green beauty and wellness.


We provide a range of bespoke services and opportunities for ethical brand founders and their products to be promoted across our website, podcast, curated store, dedicated brand Edms, product reviews and social channels.

Our promotional packages include advertising opportunities for new brands looking to launch, new product launches and international brands looking to launch in Australia.


The Green Beauty Directory listing begins with a dedicated page sharing your brand story, insights into your ethical and sustainable practices. Readers can access your brand website, Instagram and contact you instantly from your listing.


Join our community of brand founders for a virtual fireside chat and be first to know about our upcoming events.

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A little more about our services and how we support green beauty and lifestyle brands…

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Podcast Opportunities 

The Green Edit Podcast is Australia’s leading editorial authority in the clean beauty space. Hosted by The Green Edit founder and Organic Makeup Artist Cathy Tolpigin, this green beauty podcast functions as a unique platform for brands to tell their story, share insights into their ethical and sustainable products and practices, share their personal beauty routine, highlight hero products within their range and announce new product launches and brand news. 


Reach previously untapped consumers through advertising, sponsorship, interview opportunities and our EDM.

Curated Store

The Green Edit is a well-respected authority on green, clean beauty. We have curated our selection of top-performing products in our online Curated Store.


Showcase your hero products in consultation in our Curated Store. We welcome submissions to participate in the Curated Store from all brands that align with the values of The Green Edit.


Feature In Our Journal

Our journal is a dedicated resource for the conscious consumer on everything green beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle. All content is written for SEO, features on the homepage for one week and receives social media support. Get in touch to discuss upcoming editorial opportunities including video reviews, tutorials, product highlights and bespoke content for your brand. 


Cathy Tolpigin

Founder & Curator

I am an organic makeup artist, founder and curator of The Green Edit, an innovative digital platform and event series that promotes the best in clean beauty and wellness brands. 


I am passionate about working with ethical brands to create and implement bespoke events and promotional opportunities that facilitate authentic and beneficial connections with key media, influencers, retailers and mindful consumers. 


I utilise my strategic and creative skills to help brands increase brand awareness, distribution and market share, whilst creating bespoke content and advertising campaigns to share unique brand stories and product ranges.

Over the years I have tried and tested hundreds of beauty products. When it comes to my personal beauty routine, I seek the whole package: truly natural products created with botanical and organic ingredients. They must be high performance, innovative, beautifully packaged and luxurious, all without compromising on the important aspects of sustainability, health and ethics. 


My views are informed by my career, as well as countless conversations with beauty formulators, developers and holistic health professionals. 


I truly believe that to have impact, brand founders should have a loud voice, to share their unique story and insights into their brand values and product offering. This is why I created The Green Edit.


Loved By The
Green Edit Stamp

The Loved By The Green Edit stamp is a tool we use to champion beauty and lifestyle brands that meet the highest standard in clean beauty, from ingredients to packaging and environmental impact. All brands featured in our online store and at our event series carry this stamp.


Recognised By The
Green Edit Stamp

The Recongnised By The Green Edit stamp is a tool we use to champion beauty and lifestyle brands that are working towards better standards when it comes to ingredients, sustainability and social responsibility.


Best Of The
Green Edit Award

Our judging panel of influential Australian and International beauty retailers and experts test and try entries to determine the winners of the awards. Award winners announced at our media event.

Event Testimonials

Anna Mitsios
Edible Beauty Australia

Cathy you have done it once again, what an incredible event! 

Since the launch of Edible Beauty in 2014 I have attended many events and expos but must say that The Green Edit has been my favourite event so far! Not only was the event a fantastic forum to connect with both new and existing Edible Beauty customers, it also provided me with a fantastic forum to meet and network with potential buyers and press. 


I obtained at least three new stockists at the event and spoke to numerous engaged press and influencers. Receiving an award for my recently launched sunscreen was a fantastic way to improve my authority in the "clean and green" beauty space. I also had an incredibly fun time engaging with other brands and founders which does not occur very frequently in our current environment.


I am so thankful to Cathy for creating such a wonderful forum for Green Beauty brands. I am very much looking forward to attending the next event!


Janet Hayward 
Ipsum Skin

A really successful event for Ipsum!  The floorplan for exhibitors was great - allowed consumers and media/retailers to flow through the tables easily and to find brands easily.  There was a really great number of consumers and media/retailer visitors too who were receptive to hearing about and trialling products.  I was able to talk to both groups about Ipsum and the consumers were ready to buy products - I made good sales at the event. 


From the beginning, the organisation of the event was faultless - I knew exactly what to do in the run-up to the event and at the event itself.  When I arrived, the table  and tablecloth, plus stand cards, were already in place - all I had to do was to ensure I presented the products in the best, most attractive way. 


There was plenty of food and drinks supplied to keep us going throughout the day.  The presentations ran for just the right amount of time to engage the guests and to increase the sense of expectation and excitement. Overall, a really great atmosphere and wonderful community spirit!

Nedahl Stelio
Recreation Beauty

The Green Edit was a fabulous event, beautifully put together and had our target customers there which was great. It was amazing to meet other brand owners, I really loved the opportunity. Also loved chatting to our customers and really get down to what they're after from our products.

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Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 11.06.13 pm.png

Natalie McGrath

The Green Edit was a magic opportunity to connect with other like minded founders for support, share experiences, challenges and wisdom.


It was an amazing  experience to share our journey, what makes GLOWSO exceptional and innovative and our exciting plans for the future.  Also a wonderful opportunity to gather vital information from the types of questions people were asking and their feedback. Im looking forward to coming back next year.

Michelle Wang
Arithmos Skin

The Green Edit is a very well planned event where it created a platform to celebrate the best clean beauty in Australia but also had the opportunity to network and met  the founders from other brands. It was very lovely to connect with some of the influencers, media and customers. Some of them I knew previously but it was very nice to meet them face to face, and of course met few new ones.

Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 11.38.51 pm.png

Andrea O'Shea
Shenko Organics

I loved The Green Edit event, having the opportunity to connect with other aligned brands alongside showcasing my product in a beautifully curated and value driven event. The Green Edit sticks by its standards  and what they stand for. This is really attractive in a market that is so confusing for consumers. I have exhibited both years and loved it.


I really enjoyed the day, it was great to connect with so many lovely clients as well as the media as well. I felt it was promoted very well and the offering on the day was great. 

Jeanette Sepulveda
Consumer Guest

Thank you for such a beautifully curated event.  I am still basking in the care and dedication that was poured into every detail. I enjoyed meeting the people behind the brands, when I hear the  story behind a product/service and it’s creator that moves me, I carry that resonance into my own routines.

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 9.02.55 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 9.05.31 pm.png

Ricky Allen

A beautiful event and celebration of green beauty. I loved meeting the people behind the brands and discovering new products.

Alison Rice

Cathy has been working incredibly hard on her beauty event designed to introduce brand founders to key media and potential customers. 


Like so many, she’s dealt with rolling set backs due to the pandemic and natural disasters, but today, Cathy took a huge step forward. She lit up an entire room of media and wonderful consumers with her vision and her why. 


I shared with Cathy that what she did today will leave a mark on the hearts and minds of all who attended. You not only educated media on the brands and founders who are out there trying to evolve the beauty industry to be a more safe and conscious space, but you also gave many of us our first opportunity to truly be together. 


We got dressed. We left the house. We spent time with our friends and we got educated on something that matters to us.


It was both an honour and a pleasure to be there with you Cathy, and to see all of your hard work pay off in front of our eyes. I know it hasn’t been easy, but you’ve created something that truly matters

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Our Audience  

The Green Edit audience is a modern, educated woman with a vested interest in health, wellness and responsible luxury. While she’s always loved beauty and wellness, her focus has shifted in recent years to explore cleaner and more sustainable alternatives. She cares deeply about the products she uses, the ingredients in each formulation and the ethics that contextualise a brand.


She’s become mindful of sustainability, and the potential environmental impact of her beauty routine, too. She has an emotional connection to her beauty routine and is just as interested in who is behind the products she uses, as much as what’s in them. She also enjoys spending time on her skin and practicing self-care despite her busy, multi-faceted life. 

Our community is niche and deep, these women attend our in person events, visit The Green Edit digital media site to read about and shop our product recommendations, they listen to The Green Edit Podcast, vote for their favourite beauty and wellness products in The Best Of The Green Edit awards, support our charity initiatives and have purchased our curated green beauty boxes.


Featured Brands

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