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Dr Hauschka

Founded by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund



We have a long tradition of innovation, which began in 1967 with our co-founders Dr. Rudolf Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund. Today, we complement our historical knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to bring you effective skin care created through the best of nature and science, combined.​​​​​​​​


When creating each Dr. Hauschka products we do not use one specific formulation, instead we use the knowledge we have gathered from analysing over 1,000 raw materials, to understand their specific properties and how they interact with and benefit the skin.​​​​​​​​


This detailed research and innovation ensures your skin care is of the highest quality and effectiveness, to nurture and encourage your best skin condition over time.​​​​​​​​


Every formula undergoes rigorous testing and is produced to a medicinal standard, using the highest quality ingredients available within cosmetics. It is this ethos and approach to our products which has enabled us to create award-winning products since 1967. ​​​​​​​​


Dr. Rudolf Hauschka asked philosopher Rudolf Steiner "What is the meaning of life?" Steiner answered, "Study rhythms, rhythms are the carrier of life." Steiner’s comment prompted Hauschka to look into new extraction processes. The technique developed by Rudolf Hauschka took into account the rhythmic polarities of nature – such as rest and movement, warmth and cold, day and night. It also enabled the very first aqueous medicinal plant extracts to be produced that remained stable for a long time without the use of alcohol.

1929 – The beginnings of WALA.

Rudolf Hauschka establishes a process for producing plant extracts based on water, enabling them to remain stable without using any alcohol or preservatives. This achievement gains the young chemist the respect of the scientific world.

1935 – The market launch of WALA Medicines.

WALA opens its laboratories and launches its first medicines – today known as WALA Medicines. For a long time, Rudolf Hauschka planned to offer skin care products alongside the pharmaceutical ones.

1962 – The beginnings of Dr. Hauschka skin care.

Rudolf Hauschka meets the researcher, developer and esthetician Elisabeth Sigmund, who has been studying medicine for several semesters. With her ideas, her own formulations and a holistic skin care concept, Elisabeth Sigmund is the perfect fit for WALA.

1967 – The market launch of Dr. Hauschka.

Dr. Hauschka Healing Skin Care by Elisabeth Sigmund is launched. Even back then, we developed for people, not markets: Our natural skin care products are designed to meet human needs and use the healing powers of nature for skin care.


Pioneers in performance natural and organic skin care. For us, natural and organic skin care has been on trend since 1967.

For 56 years we have been creating skin care with medicinal plants, high-quality botanical ingredients, oils and waxes and, depending on the formulation, other natural ingredients such as silica, thermal brine, almond flour, silk and mineral pigments.

We acquire our botanical ingredients from our own biodynamic medicinal plant gardens or nearby fields, we also responsibly wild-harvest, and we have cultivation partnership projects for organic and fair trade cultivation ingredients. High vitality Demeter certified (biodynamic) ingredients are our preference. All of our products are authentically natural and organic and have been long before standards for certified natural cosmetics even existed. Today all Dr. Hauschka products are certified with NaTrue which is your guarantee of authentic and genuine natural and organic skin care and make-up.


Dr. Hauschka hero product Rose Day Cream is iconic in the range. Rich, nourishing and highly protective, there are 35 organic or biodynamic roses in every tube. Someone buys a Rose Day Cream every two minutes around the world. We purchase the highest quantity of the world's highest grade organic rose essential oils. It comes from our biodynamic or organic cultivation partnership projects in Ethiopia, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria and Afghanistan.

Nature. Different. Effective.

Pure nature. All-natural skin care for an all-natural you. Ingredients your skin understands.

Skin care concept. For inner and outer beauty. For your skin and your senses.

Nurturing plants. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

For us, natural and organic skin care has been on trend since 1967.

Cultivation partnerships. Good for the skin, good for the world.

Ecology. Responsible and sustainable action is in our nature.

Research. The natural science of skin care.


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